Assisting Ukraine during the War 


Psychological rehabilitation program


Psychological rehabilitation program, weekly art therapy classes for children immigrated from Mariupol. It is conducted personally by the executive director of White Ribbon Ukraine Nadezhda Kopanytsia together with fellow psychologists and art therapists.

Posts by Nadezhda Kopanytsia from master classes

In cooperation with the Communication Center – a platform for building dialogue between the authorities and the community of the Kyiv State Administration.
The center highlights the activities of the city authorities, encourages active citizens to join the implementation and monitoring of the implementation of city policies.
The priority is popularization of participation mechanisms, their audit and improvement.
Electronic petitions, consultations, public hearings, public councils and bodies of self-organization of the population in Kyiv have growing dynamics, and the scope for cooperation is increasing. The next priority is to teach dialogue skills and educate public activists and employees for effective interaction.
The capital desperately needs the involvement of active residents. Only together will we build a comfortable, modern, people-oriented Kyiv



Psychological rehabilitation/ adaptation, suicide prevention

Psychological rehabilitation/ adaptation, suicide prevention working with women and children, victims of war crimes (raped) in Bucha, Irpin, later Kharkov region by Chief psychologist, Executive director of White Ribbon Ukraine Nadezhda Kopanytsia and her team


NGO’ list for women-refugees support in Europe

List of NGOs, public organizations and foundations in European countries, where Ukrainian refugee women who were forced to leave the country urgently for their own safety can receive help or advice. Legal, psychological, issues on adaptation in the country, etc. The list of 83 organizations from 29 countries was prepared and personally checked first weeks of the war by Iryna Mironchik, a member of White Ribbon Ukraine Advisory Board, for compliance with the stated activities, and also for the presence of native speakers to facilitate applications, since many people had to displace do not speak English or the local languages ​​of the countries. The lists was distributed among Ukrainian embassies in the respective countries and in groups of
support in what’s app, social networks and Telegram channels.
Please, download, share and use it!

>> NGO list


The eyeWitness to Atrocities application from the International Bar Association (IBA, London) allows eyewitnesses to record war crimes as safely as possible in a form that can be accepted in international courts.

By the International Bar Association (IBA, London), thanks to a member of the supervisory board
White Ribbon Ukraine, Andrea Fraser (London) application they developed eyeWitness to Atrocities was provided to Ukraine.

Ukrainians who witnessed war crimes are offered to use a special application that will record them for an international court

eyeWitness to Atrocities is a special phone application developed by the association.

This application allows eyewitnesses to record war crimes in the most secure way possible in a form that can be accepted in international courts. The application is disguised as an ordinary camera program. However, it immediately sends the recorded materials to a secure server and can immediately sends the recorded materials to a secure server and can immediately delete


them from the phone’s memory.

Photos and videos, as well as notes on them, cannot be seen in the phone’s gallery, unless you know a special access code. There is also a “panic button” that allows you to quickly erase all materials. In this way, a person who documents crimes will be protected as much as possible from persecution. However, the developers advise first to make sure that recording war crimes is safe for life and health.

Subsequently, an international team of lawyers reviews the uploaded materials and decides whether they can be used in court proceedings.

Please download and use!

>> The eyeWitness to Atrocities application


Children's camp for migrant children’ setting up assistance. Fundraising.

A well-organized Euro-tent eco-camp RD Home next to a natural lake, farm fields and a forest massif in Cherkasy region.
This is a children’s tented camp of active and cognitive recreation, the program is aimed at the comprehensive education of the individual, as well as the acquisition of useful and life-necessary skills.
This is an incredibly interesting, exciting and educational adventure for children.
The camp program is 7 days in the world of creativity, entertainment, new knowledge and unity with nature.
RD Home allows every child to feel harmony with nature, learn the culture and traditions of the country, forget about the terrible war and experienced terrible memories.
In the camp program:
Painting, art therapy, quests, excursions, creative workshops, lectures and historical stories, law and medicine, cooking, sewing, sports, fishing, entertainment and games, concert programs and acquaintances with famous people of various professions.
At the end of each shift, a photo session with a professional photographer and publication in the magazine.

Regina Naslednikova is a certified director-choreographer, founder of the production center and Youth Organization RD studio, organizer of mass events, festivals, and beauty contests. Director of dance and model shows and musicals in Ukraine and abroad (Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, Turkey, Poland, Lebanon, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria). Teacher of fashion shows, dances, photo posing, wellness coach.

Mykhaylova Vilyena is a fashion designer, host, organizer of mass events. Founder of ReAnd Youth Organization and Beauty and Talent magazine. Judge of international beauty and talent contests, creativity festivals


Work on Genocide recognition

One of our volunteers, amazing smart Zlata, made an incredibly deep work on the topic of Genocide. We hope it can help to speed up recognizing Russian actions as Genocide at the highest levels, by world organizations and countries’ governments. Historical background, proofs, documents.

Are you someone who deals with the issues of genocide? It should fell into the right hands. She is ready to join some international team to develop need proofs and bring that story to result!




Administrating and assisting

Administrating and assisting numerousinternational WhatsApp communication groups and corresponding websites for networking between the world community and Ukrainian activists, governors, volunteers, NGOs, foundations, hospitals for urgent needs and requests:

– Tech4Ukraine

Main focus of this group is to find the best technologies that can be useful to promote peace and save lives of civilians in the context of the bombings in the Ukraine, and that can also help support people’s lives in the aftermath of the crisis.

Useful information for Ukrainian refugees: ispart of decentralizedthink tank ‘Cloud Nation’:

– MedAid4Ukraine

This is group is for medical aid providers and doctors who want to help save lives in and around Ukraine, so that they can find each other and coordinate efforts accordingly.

Part of is part of decentralizedthink tank ‘Cloud Nation’:

– Evacuation Coordination

This group coordinates information about evacuations for refugees from Ukraine.

Part of is part of decentralized think tank’Cloud Nation’:

– TechfugeesSuplies Coord

Part of is part of decentralized think tank’Cloud Nation’:


Tech community network created my Michael Butcher a prominent tech journalist and IT creator from the UK. This WhatsApp group aimed to help displaced Ukrainians.


  • Ukraine Verified Media

A media WhatsApp group created by White Ribbon Ukraine and its CEO Irina Kopanica for journalists, editors, bloggers and independent international media experts.This group channeled  the most urgent and accurate updates from the Deputy Head of the Office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and also his Chief Diplomatic Adviser.


Fundraising for Kvitna

“Women’s Health Clinic”
Assistance in the fundraising campaign

Assistance to the head of the Kvitna Charity Foundation, the independent adviser to the mayor of Irpin on humanitarian issues, Uriel Shtern. The Mobile Women’s Clinic project in Ukraine is a mobile obstetrics-gynecological and psychological clinic that meets the health needs of women throughout Ukraine, especially in hard-to-reach areas with lack of medical infrastructure. It will offer care and treatment services for women affected by war due to lack of access to treatment, with a focus on those who have suffered sexual violence (war crimes) in the occupied territories.

Partnership with Sheba Medical Center, Corridor of Israeli Aid to Ukraine






Advocating for blood donation services in Ukraine


Co-founding of ‘HYNTEGRA OrganizzazioneDi Volontariato’

Co-founding of ‘HYNTEGRA OrganizzazioneDi Volontariato’ an Italian based Association,together with Luca Berliti,
famous Italian journalist, philanthropist, volunteer, running hospitality consulting company for over 20 years, assisting Ukrainian refugees in Rome and Rome region. In collaboration we jointly assisted more than 140 Ukrainian families to settle down in Italy. In May 2022 we established 2 free of charge sport clubs for Ukrainian children for soccer and judo.



Active social media and opinion leaders promotion

Active social media and opinion leaders promotion of services, programs, specialized mobile applications available for Ukrainian refugees for work, medical, humanitarian assistance.


Social media project Voices of Ukraine

Social media project Voices of Ukraine in collaboration with Julia Singh a Berlin-based activist and founder of Voices of Ukraine Instagram community project which gives Ukrainians a platform to be heard in Europe and worldwide


Media collaboration with Ukrainian online news

Media collaboration with Ukrainian online news platform Ukrpravda related to Ukrainian war crisis.


Advocating for sanctions against pro-Russian celebrities, opinion leaders, athletes etc.


Investigation process against human trafficking group

White Ribbon Ukraine and its CEO Irina Kopanica assisted Ukrainian and European authorities in investigation process against human trafficking group that operated in Portugal, Poland and Ukraine:



The Safety Drape window technology for Kharkov regional perinatal center

Cooperation with Mitigation Technologies, USA. the product is called , The Safety Drape. Special window covering technology, which during the blast wave prevents from breaking the window into small pieces and protects people from injury and damage. SAFETYDRAPE®️ hardens structures against bombs all over the globe. Is used in the White House, USA embassies around the world, and up to Korea, this product saves lives while providing safety, comfort, and peace of mind. Pilot project for Kharkov regional perinatal center.

Project in cooperation as well with UNICEF, UACDA (Ukrainian Community Developers Alliance) working on the safety drapes and the housing issues, and aid/food delivery, provides coordination and community-driven responses to humanitarian, climate, and community crises.


Joint project with Portuguese NGO assisting refugees from Ukraine

White Ribbon Ukraine assisted refugees from Ukraine with settling down in Portugal, helped to provide online psychological support for people with post traumatic syndrome and panic attacks. Our local partner is Marta Lima from DOINA Association based in the Algarve region that provides supports and inclusion to immigrants moving to the region. DOINA helped many Ukrainians in Algarve and works with a variety of EU NGOs and local police on missing people cases. Marta Lima is an activist, human rights advocate, social projects manager. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine she has been helping to rescue Ukrainian families immigrating to Portugal and providing social services for refugees upon their arrival.