Assisting Ukraine during the War 


Psychological rehabilitation program

In cooperation with the Communication Center – a platform for building dialogue between the authorities and the community of the Kyiv State Administration.
The center highlights the activities of the city authorities, encourages active citizens to join the implementation and monitoring of the implementation of city policies.
The priority is popularization of participation mechanisms, their audit and improvement.
Electronic petitions, consultations, public hearings, public councils and bodies of self-organization of the population in Kyiv have growing dynamics, and the scope for cooperation is increasing. The next priority is to teach dialogue skills and educate public activists and employees for effective interaction.
The capital desperately needs the involvement of active residents. Only together will we build a comfortable, modern, people-oriented Kyiv



NGO’ list for women-refugees support in Europe


List of NGOs, public organizations and foundations in European countries, where Ukrainian refugee women who were forced to leave the country urgently for their own safety can receive help or advice. Legal, psychological, issues on adaptation in the country, etc. The list of 83 organizations from 29 countries was prepared and personally checked first weeks of the war, for compliance with the stated activities, and also for the presence of native speakers to facilitate applications, since many people had to displace do not speak English or the local languages ​​of the countries. The lists was distributed among Ukrainian embassies in the respective countries and in groups of
support in what’s app, social networks and Telegram channels.
Please, download, share and use it!

>> NGO list

Work on Genocide recognition

One of our volunteers, amazing smart Zlata, made an incredibly deep work on the topic of Genocide. We hope it can help to speed up recognizing Russian actions as Genocide at the highest levels, by world organizations and countries’ governments. Historical background, proofs, documents.

Are you someone who deals with the issues of genocide? It should fell into the right hands. She is ready to join some international team to develop need proofs and bring that story to result!



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