«This is not a game»

An Informational art project «This is not a game» was presented on the day of resistance to violence

«This is not a game»:
Art project against violence

On November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, an exhibition of the informative art project “This is not a game” was opened on the square next to the National Museum of History of Ukraine in Kyiv.

The information campaign depicts violence in the form of a computer game emphasizing the blurred boundaries between the virtual and real worlds. In an allegorical form, violence is depicted in various forms of expression – physical, sexual, psychological (emotional), economic. The plots compare that a real-life act of violence cannot be played back, and the consequences cannot be removed to start things over.

The art project was organized by the Ukrainian representative office of the international organization “White Ribbon” in partnership with the Tetyana Ramus Foundation and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, as well as the Democracy Promotion Foundation of the US Embassy in Ukraine.

“We strive to draw women’s attention to the fact that violence should not be hushed up. Unfortunately, victims do not always find the inner strength to accept the fact of violence against themselves. Thus, they subconsciously justify the abuser for fear of experiencing even more aggression. Our project allows us to look at the scenes of violence in an imaginary computer game from the outside and understand that in reality violence cannot be revoked. Perhaps, the scenes on the posters will be familiar to them. They will recognize themselves or someone close to them. And this motivates them not to be silent,” commented Tetyana Ramus, Ambassador of the White Ribbon Foundation in Ukraine.

Another task of the informational art campaign is to encourage action.

For those who will find similarities with fictional stories in real life and will need information or help, the campaign will additionally include links to the first mobile app “WhiteRibbonUA”. That is a personal “safety service” designed to protect women and children against domestic violence. The app contains the necessary resources for assistance and, in case of danger, the ability to report emergencies to the relevant authorities.

The exhibition will be held from November 25 to 29 at the address: 2 Volodymyrska Street. Special information structures for exhibiting the art project were provided by the National Museum of the Revolution of Dignity.

“Unfortunately, the issue of violence against women in the modern world is still huge. It is the mission of every civilized, democratic country to pay attention to its scale and provide all the opportunities to protect the victims. Such informational exhibitions allow raising public awareness of the topic, namely in the context of what types of violence exist, and where to find help. And the main thing is to realize that you are not alone and there is support,” added Oleksandr Tkachenko, Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine.

Talking about domestic violence is a chance to change your life for the better. To change many lives. The voice of every woman can save lives. You are not alone. You have support. You will get help if you ask for it!