Administrating and leading


Administrating and leading

    1. Administrating andleading numerousinternational WhatsApp communication groups and corresponding websites for networking between the world community and Ukrainian activists, governors, volunteers, NGOs, foundations, hospitals for urgent needs and requests:


    – Tech4Ukraine

    Main focus of this group is to find the best technologies that can be useful to promote peace and save lives of civilians in the context of the bombings in the Ukraine, and that can also help support people’s lives in the aftermath of the crisis.

    Useful information for Ukrainian refugees: ispart of decentralizedthink tank ‘Cloud Nation’:

    – MedAid4Ukraine

    This is group is for medical aid providers and doctors who want to help save lives in and around Ukraine, so that they can find each other and coordinate efforts accordingly.

    Part of is part of decentralizedthink tank ‘Cloud Nation’:

    – Evacuation Coordination

    This group coordinates information about evacuations for refugees from Ukraine.

    Part of is part of decentralized think tank’Cloud Nation’:

    – TechfugeesSuplies Coord

    Part of is part of decentralized think tank’Cloud Nation’:


    Tech community network created my Michael Butcher a prominent tech journalist and IT creator from the UK. This WhatsApp group aimed to help displaced Ukrainians.


    • Ukraine Verified Media

    A media WhatsApp group created by White Ribbon Ukraine and its CEO Irina Kopanica for journalists, editors, bloggers and independent international media experts.This group channeled  the most urgent and accurate updates from the Deputy Head of the Office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and also his Chief Diplomatic Adviser.